The Watershed Association has identified several projects that can create or improve trails or other types of conveyances utilizing the actual water bodies.  Also, as an outgrowth from a grant-funded water quality project that was run in 2012, a well water test offering by the CDCWA is still available for those who have wells and whose residence or business location falls within the watershed association's 15 municipalities.

Below are listed the various projects that the CDCWA is involved with :-


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     PROJECT A:  Breza Road  (Allentown/Upper Freehold) - Phase I

     PROJECT B:  Paradise Park (New Egypt) - Aviary Maintenance

     PROJECT C:  Breza Road  (Allentown/Upper Freehold) - Phase II

     PROJECT D:  Davis Station Road (Upper Freehold) - Connector to UTT at Residential Development

     PROJECT E:  Well Water Testing Service within the Watershed Communities

     PROJECT F:  Flemer Family Entities Preservation Project - Read about the history


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Flemer Family Entities Preservation Project